Experimental purification system


Experimental purification system

Creation of an experimental purification system based on the system of artificial wetlands with subsurface flow in the Buxaus.

With the help of the European project H2020 OPERANDUM, a pilot test has been carried out, consisting of the execution of an experimental system of natural purification, based on the systems of artificial wetlands of subsurface flow, in the rural tourism house of Buxaus de la Muntanya.

The experience gained with the implementation of natural purification systems has made it possible to know that lightly polluted waters improve their quality if, before being released into the natural environment, they interact with a greater number of media. The studies carried out in areas such as the URL (www.urbanriverlab.com) and in the Cànoves stream, also with the URL team, have shown us that wherever we bioengineer the landscape with trunks and shrubby plants, we observe substantial improvements in the elimination transformation of nutrients.

Therefore, a tertiary treatment based on a horizontal subsurface flow system has been carried out but, in this case, changing the continuous system of gravels for various materials, seeking the maximum diversity of the system and thus increasing the bioreaction capacity.