Forest Baths

Located in a privileged place, in the middle of a lush forest with old-centuries trees and a great variety of characteristic species from Montseny, in El Buxaus we invite you to an exceptional experience:

A sensory and deep immersion in the atmosphere of this forest. A process of internalization and empowerment of our sense to live this reality with more awareness and enjoy it with maximum intensity.

Different studies around the world (also, recently at the University of Barcelona) are demonstrating the benefits of so-called "forest baths" both, physically, emotionally and psychologicallly.

Springs of El Buxaus de la Muntanya




Walking around the El Buxaus farmhouse, you will find up to five fountains to cool off and rest in the shade.




Walking around the farmhouse you will discover several waterfalls, enjoying the sound of the water breaking against the rocks. And if you go into the forest, you will discover the characteristic fauna of the area and by little luck you will be able to find mushrooms.




From the farmhouse there are a lot of itineraries, many of them signposted, amidst a great variety of vegetation and fauna. You can learn the names of plants, trees, animals or just enjoy a good walk in the middle of nature.